Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

funny-men-doing-dangerous-stuff 1

funny-men-at-work-dangerous 2

funny-men-working-dangerous-conditions 3

funny-men-risk-jobs-crazy 4cool-men-solving-problems-risky-jobs 5

1. Because of the stuff like this:

And this

2. Because much heavier things don’t scare them…

3. As long as they’re protected from sun

4. Because they say “don’t worry guys I’ve got a helmet on.”

5. Because they can’t be trusted to wake up in the morning:

6. Because they do not have magical powers:

7. And they don’t understand how electricity works:

8. Because gravity doesn’t scare them:


9. Because most of their test scores looks something like this:

10. Because they often don’t even realize they’re doing something that might be dangerous

11. Because they think bees are hilarious:

12. Because to them, simple household tasks are matters of life and death:

13. Especially if it involves ladder.

14. Even something as simple as moving a couch becomes a deadly activity:

15. Or changing a light bulb:

16. Because they think they’re invincible

17. Even to deadly things that require special protective suits:

18. And if you add crane to the mix Just start etch in’ up that headstone right now:

19. Because they easily accept defeat

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